my face hits the floor
I’m high on your love
and drunk from the bottle that kissed my mouth
shattered in pieces
I try to collect
all the parts you broke
all the parts you stole
when you left
twirling around on the cold ground
I am a lonely soul with deep
wounds within
my ripped off skin
whispers ask me why my life is such a mess
I fight, I stand, no one will talk bad behind my back
then I collect the shattered pieces
of the bottle on the ground
high of your love
and drunk from a liquor kiss
the floor got hit

tender 6/11

I bumped into you
by a move of my fingertip
we grabbed a beer and sat on the dock
making smalltalk, making you laugh
we kissed in the dark
time escapes, no control
missed classes, morning coffee’s
exploring the city and naked bodies
I capture your presentence and your pretty heart
so deep so pure
that’s how
I fell in love with


i miss how good it felt
how familiar it was
to tug your hair to the side
to feel your smile on my lips
and to get you a coffee while you were still asleep
to think about you when I’m in class
to kiss you on the automatic stairs
to hold your hand proudly into mine
mostly i miss how happy i was
and how proud i was to be with you
it’s a month further and i still miss you
i still love you
even when you’re gone
and you’re not mine
i’ll always be yours

Wet Cheeks

every morning we stare at the ceiling
counting until the day ends
the emptiness stops, the pain fades
we avoid those happy memories
that make us forget the pain inside
every second, the time
stops, when i remember
all the ways you made me smile
tears on the place you used to kiss
shaking those hands you used to hold
each night i try to not destroy myself,
me, that person, you used to love


grey buildings at the top
where I wait on her doorstep
pouring down another shot
of sour poison
flames burning in my chest
destroying all flesh
until nothing is left
right at the edge, where we land
in water, diving in fear
soaring together
hands meet, pale bodies
soft spots, triggering one another
down at the bottom,
licking the taste of
my numb lips
throwing away that
black bottle and the imagine
of us