sinister love art

No word can explain my feelings of loneliness
No tear will show the pain after my love crash
No smile will show the emptiness of my heart
This is the wry result of wrong love what I call sinister love art

I have to struggle with my love and pain
I don’t know what I did wrong and nobody can explain
Why she goes a way from me, and only try’s
To cover the truth for me with spreading only lies.

Her son will soon have an other dad,
I pray for his happiness, I miss him I feel sad
I can do nothing more than to standup and try to understand
That she changed my love for an other friend.

Opnieuw geboren

Donkerrode druppels
glijden over haar gezicht.
Zij heeft haar handen
op de lichtstralen gericht.

Haar benen voelen licht aan.
Een pad herrijst uit het niets.
Het verkeersbord is gevallen,
want dit kruispunt zegt haar iets.

Zacht ritselende geluiden
verwijzen naar het onbekende.
Vastbesloten begint ze te lopen
in het woud van een onbeschreven legende.


my face hits the floor
I’m high on your love
and drunk from the bottle that kissed my mouth
shattered in pieces
I try to collect
all the parts you broke
all the parts you stole
when you left
twirling around on the cold ground
I am a lonely soul with deep
wounds within
my ripped off skin
whispers ask me why my life is such a mess
I fight, I stand, no one will talk bad behind my back
then I collect the shattered pieces
of the bottle on the ground
high of your love
and drunk from a liquor kiss
the floor got hit