Death fell in love with a star

One day death took his last soul that special night.
He didn’t feel like going home and left the twilight.

Changing from a hooded creature to a well made man. Slick hair, eyes brown and skin as egg white.
Now he could walk among the people without giving them a fright.

He was lonely, hoped to find someone that could warm his being.
seeing people misbehaving, fighting but not ending with death, he thought of fleeing.

Fleeing to the woods where no human dares to walk at this late hour.
Humans only remind him of his destiny. taking souls, their last breath, their power.

There in the woods the sky was scattered with stars, seeing it more clearly than in the city.
One star illuminated so bright it caught his eye because it was so pretty.

Death doesn’t comprehend beauty, it simply doesn’t understand.
He startled, fell and hurt his knee.The star saw this and gave death a helping hand.

The star completely white and radiant the opposite of death, he was ashamed.
seeing true beauty for the first, his destiny called for a soul to take, could he be tamed?

As the star illuminates the sky and only gives, so does death only take in to darkness.
This balance is the only way to exists. Death knew this and left but he kept coming every night to gaze at the star, regardless.