Destructive love

The ethereal light shone upon her as the wind tried to caress her face.
She enchanted the moon and made the sun fall in love with her.
Solitude was her punishment and loneliness her only company.
Everybody wanted her, loved her or so they said.
But none dared to come close.
Patiently she awaited his arrival like a coming storm.
And like a storm, he caused destruction and devastation.
Not many could see beyond her wall.
Not many saw what was behind the mask.
But he…. He somehow got in.
He may have stolen the heart from inside her, but he does not define her.
He caused the destruction of one who had loved him the most.
Her love for him was like the oceans, the waves crashing on to the beach in a never ending rhythm.
Her love was eternal en pure.
But over time, he forgot about her.
And slowly she faded away into oblivion.
Her eyes no longer sparkling.
And her smile disappeared.
Until finally she was truly and utterly nothing.