you act like a saint,
but at the end you always talk about money
what are you thinking?
whats on your mind?
something good?
cuz that really sounds funny

when i was little i saw you as a good man,
but while growing up,
the years went by,
i broke your mask little by little,
and i saw your face that you loved to hide

thinking good bout yourself,
thinking ur a genius,
thinking ur a sheep
but i see the wolf inside,
i can see what you loved to hide
i see the blood to, on your hands,
that you took from my family and friends

i am warned now,
but i dont know what to do
i am stuck for years now in this process,
and i know that there will come like 2 years more

trying to fight my way out
or just trying to ignore

knowing that nothing will help,
cuz a red cow doesn’t change its color

trying to hold on, but idk for what
aint no future, no vision,
just a dream that gets ruind

thinking bout the good days i had with my mom,
while walking to her grave with tears in my eyes

got me writing this while dieing inside,
knowing that this wont be the last i will write….