How I feel

My Life….

I was the daughter of the devil
An experience of a different level
Was it really my desire?
Why did I become a liar?
Did I choose to have this life?
When now it feels like Im a knife!
I never want to feel this pain!
Am I just someone to entertain?

All this years I just am angry
While I just want to feel smoothly
Why is it so hard for me to understand?
That I need to be, my one friend

Now I am destroying myself in a million ways
I can not seem to find a way, to look at every day
The monster inside me comes out sometimes
And she things about all sorts’ of crimes

How to let my ego grow….
So big that it would blow!
How to make life’s of others miserable….
While playing with the devil!
How to make a lot off money with evil plans…
But therefore she needs a lot off fans…..
So she manipulates everyone….
Until her work is completely done!

This is what I don’t want to be
But it is holding on to me
So extreme that it hurts so much
That sometimes my brain, cannot touch

Then I become this evil she
And fade away my old me
Then everyone is my enemy
And then I become fucking angry…..

Hold me…
Love me…
I suddenly need some heroes….
But don’t come TO close….
You might see my alto’s….