Wandering Dreamer

And like any wandering dreamer
He carried the weight on his back
His Love
His Nation
His Family

He says: ‘It is light and I will bear it to safety’s shore’
Like any wandering dreamer

He realized the weight of his burden
And like any wandering dreamer

Parched in the desert
Casting aside all hope, continuing his path

He drank from his lovers eyes, unable to carry her any longer
Leaves her like any wandering dreamer

His nation consumed him, with it’s vulgarilty and unrulyness
He flings it from his back, paralyzed

All he could carry was his family, but it seems the road is long
As they willingly climb down.

And say: ‘The road is long, we are heading back
Your mother forgot her blood pressure medication’

And like any wandering dreamer
He sat alone in the white desert
Love forgotten
Nation abandoned
Family returned
Hope lost

It appears safety’s shores are far away.