a guy with a green hat

my first year of college
I met a guy, a bit eccentric
he was shy, at first
sweet, at last
he made me fall in love
with his poetry and his songs
he is one the most beautiful human beings that I know
caring and supporting
without expecting anything in return
he reminds me a bit of Johnny Depp
he’s in my heart
and I’m keeping him there
that a guy with his green hat
who’s stroking musical strings,
peeling of that orange clementine skin,
neurotic caffeine-drinking Filipin
your friendship gave me peace
in the darkest times
you glued my shattered pieces
that deserves an award
I miss falling asleep next to you during philosophy
you are my brother, despite your blood type
you’re positive, I’m negative
together we rule,
no doubt, affirmative
you feel like family
you are that guy, the guy with a green hat
you are
such a beautiful human being
yet you don’t see
what a great value
you will always be
for me